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Guide for the Basics to Starbound

Guide for the Basics to Starbound

Hi folks, BaconMaster here!

I’ve recently made a guide to a game called “Starbound” for a friend, and I’ve decided to post it here. Starbound is a game about obtaining resources, colonizing planets, and eventually fighting bosses. Similar to other games like Minecraft and Terraria, Starbound is a sandbox-style game, so you can build whatever you want.

Buying Starbound:

You can buy Starbound on steam here.

Creating a character:

  1. Click “Start Game” or “Join Game”
  2. Click “Create Character”
  3. Customize your character
  4. Click “Create”

Starting/Joining a Game:

Starting: Select a Character

Joining: Select a Character and type in the server information (IP, port, and username and password)

starbound guide
The Character Creation Menu

Da Basics:

Matter Manipulator:

The most important tool in Starbound. At first, it can only mine blocks, but when upgraded, it can collect liquids, paint blocks, and configure wiring. It can be upgraded with Manipulator Modules in the Matter Manipulator tab on the left of the screen.


The Backpack contains armor and vanity slots, 5 tabs of 40 slots for items, your active techs, your stats, your pet’s stats, and your pixels. The Hotbar Consists of 2 rows of 6 groups of 2 slots. Press x to swap rows.

guide to starbound
A player’s Inventory


To craft items, press “c”, select what you want to craft and how much of it, and click “Craft”. To use a crafting station (Inventor’s Table, Workbench, etc), repeat the above process, but interact with it first (“E” by default).


Occasionally, you will find readable books or notes in chests. These are called Codexes. To read them, double click while holding them. To reread codexes without the item, click on the codex tab on the right of the screen.

(1.1.0+) Collections:

Whenever you capture a mob or bug, catch a fish, dig up a fossil, cook something, or obtain a mob figurine, it will be recorded here.


Upon creating a character and beaming down (and finishing the intro mission if toggled on), You will soon get a quest to find the Archaic energy source. Once you get to the ark and visit Esther, the rest of the main quests involve scanning things and fighting bosses. Sometimes NPCs (Non-player characters) will have a big yellow exclamation mark above them, that means they have a side quest for you. These don’t usually have anything to do with the main quests and usually involve finding or rescuing other NPCs, crafting items, or delivering items to other NPCs.

Beaming Up/Down:

On your ship, if you click the “Beam Down” button, you teleport to the planet you’re currently orbiting. On most planets, if you click it, you get teleported back to your ship.


If you’re playing on a server with a friend, you can click the “Invite to Party” button and type their character’s name, and it will send them an invite to your party. When in a party, you are able to teleport to their ship by clicking on their name and selecting that option, or leave the party. If you’re the leader, you also have the option to make someone else the leader.

 If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below.

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